Telephone Buried Service Wire Gopher Resistant

Telephone Buried Service Wire Gopher Resistant

Product Description

1, Product Construction:
Solid pure annealed copper, sizes are 19, 22, or 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG)

100% virgin solid material of polyolefin

Core construction:
The core is twisted pairs and assembled into a core.
A, Binders: Is a nonhygroscopic and nonwicking dielectric material.
B, Core warp: Is a nonhygroscopic and nonwicking dielectric material
C, Filling compound: Is a uniformly mixed compound
PEPJ - Polyethylene/Petroleum Jelly
ETPR - Extended Thermoplastic Rubber
ATG - Absorbent Thixotropic Gel

D, Flooding compound:
The flooding material is a uniformly mixed compound free from foreign matter.

E, Water Swellable materials:
Used within the interstices and interfaces of the wire.

F, Rip cord(s):
The rip cord is nonhygroscopic and nonwicking dielectric material

Gopher Shields.
5 - or 6 - mil Copper Clad Stainless Steel
5 - or 6 - mil Copper Clad Alloy Steel
6 - mil CI 95 Copper Alloy
5.5 - mil C664 Copper Alloy
7 - mil CI94 Copper Alloy
5 - mil C230 Copper Alloy

Inner Jacket:
The material is black or natural polyethylene.
The minimum thickness is 0.5 mm (0.020 inch).

Outer Jacket
The material is polyethylene, contain a 2.60± 0.25% concentration of furnace black to provide ultraviolet protection.
The minimum thickness is 0.65 mm (0.025 inch).

Armoring systems:
The typeof armor is specified by the product specification and is one of the following types
6-mil bare steel
6-mil coated steel
9-mil galvanized steel strip

2, Application(s):
Is used to extend buried telephone plant from the distribution cable to the

3, Compliance:
ANSI/ICEA S-86-634-2004

4, Marking:
Manufactuer identification
Year of manufacture
Alternate identification
Length marking
Communications Cable Identifier.
Direct buried communication wires is marked in compliance with Rule 350. G of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC).
Jacket Marketing
Manufacturer's Name
Year of Manufacture
Pair Count
AWG Identification
Wire Code (if used)
Sequential Length Marking
Communications Cable Identifier

5, Packaging:
Available in coils (CL) and reels (RL)

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